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Art Therapy

Art therapy uses art and the creative process to help people explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness and manage behavior. A general goal in art therapy is to improve or restore functioning and  well-being, although goals are tailored to each individual.  For some, the act of art-making may be self-soothing, and support relaxation and self-care efforts.  For others, engaging in verbal discussion may elicit healing and support.  Unlike an art class, the focus in art therapy is expressing a person's inner experience, not technical skill.   In art therapy, we will explore various art materials to support self-expression and self-reflection. No prior art experience is necessary.
 Art therapy draws upon the fields of psychology, human development, visual arts, creativity development and education. The creative process allows for kinesthetic, sensory and symbolic opportunities that invite alternative modes of receptive and expressive communication, which can circumvent the limitations of language.  This can be particularly helpful for children who may not have words to describe their experiences, or for those experiencing trauma, helping to bridge sensory memory with narrative.  
Sarah will collaborate with you or your child to establish individualized goals that best fit your needs. Sarah is available for individual, family and group art therapy appointments.

When to contact Sarah:

- grief and loss
- behavioral and emotional issues
- illness
- learning disabilities
- life transitions (big or small), including the arrival of a new sibling, moving to a new city or new school, children coping with divorce and more.

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